Certified Wellness Travel Professional™

Learn how to launch an exciting career as a professional in the health and wellness industry. This certification will train individuals by presenting a better understanding of how the health and wellness industry works while providing steps individuals can take to supply excellent services. WellHotel ®Training and Certification assists professionals in the tools and objectives needed to build a successful health and wellness tourism business or to improve an existing one.

By earning your CWTP, you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate to industry Hospitality, Health & Wellness professionals that you possess the training and knowledge to provide high-quality services to this growing niche
  • Set you apart from the competition and communicates your expertise and commitment to the industry
  • Learn best practices in implementation, communication, and engagement
  • Enhance your career and expand opportunities for a job promotion in the Health & Wellness industry

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Who Should be Certified?

  • Tourism Professionals
  • Hotel Executives and Managers
  • Sales, Catering and Convention Professionals
  • Facilitators and Travel Agents
  • Food and Beverage Professionals
  • Guest Services and other Operations Personnel