Wellness Leaders Choose WellHotel®


Governments have a crucial stake in the overall health of the tourism industry in their countries. WellHotel® certification can increase a country’s marketability to attract wellness guests and their families. Wellness tourism is a billion dollar industry of which governments can become a part of in order to assist with the growth and development of their economies.

Today’s governments are trying to strategically market their countries as a tourist destination, and WellHotel® Certification provides the ultimate opportunity to boost their tourism sector and brand themselves as regional Wellness Leaders. As Wellness travelers often have companions on their voyage, finding the right accommodation and partaking in tourism activities contribute to the hospitality industry, with an influx of dollars spent. Your government’s involvement is inevitable for the initiative to brand your country as a wellness destination.

Our certification program will provide hotels, resorts, and spa’s with the tools to build health and wellness tourists inspired destination packages.

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Puerto Rican Government Sponsors WellHotel® Certification for the All Star Island

Puerto Rico, considered one of the top- five selling destinations in the Caribbean, remains on the radar of international travelers.

Travel experts point to the hospitality industry, which took a significant step toward positioning the island as a prime destination for health and wellness travel when the Caribe Hilton and Condado Plaza Hilton were certified as a WellHotel™ after completing an intensive training and evaluation program offered through the Medical Tourism Association® and the Puerto Rico Medical Tourism Corporation.

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