Ti Sana Detox Retreat

Ti Sana Detox Retreat

Lombardy, Italy

Certified in : October 2016


Hotel leadership information:
Founder and Sales and Marketing Manager – Erica D’Angelo
General Manager – Edoardo Bordin
Vice General Manager – Mario Sella
Sales and Marketing – Elena Biffi

Contact Info:

Elena Biffi -Sales and Marketing

+39 039 9920979

Hotel Description

Ti Sana Detox Retreat and Spa is a 18th-century noble dwelling in the Lombardy region of Italy restored and revived by the D’Angelo family into a stunning, multi award-winning Retreat and Spa for those who are serious about their wellbeing.

Offering a complete holistic approach to wellness, every program at Ti Sana incorporates the balance of fresh air, the local environment, holistic therapies, gentle and therapeutic physical activity and nurturing nutrition to allow you to listen to your body’s natural signals.

Ti Sana’s flagship wellness program Healtheatarian is designed to help you learn to set up and manage your own lifestyle.

Ti Sana’s signature Healtheatarian program is set to help:

  • Lose weight in health (losing fat mass and not the lean mass)
  • Improve stress related conditions or MUS (medically unexplained symptoms) such as insomnia, gastrointestinal problems, chronic fatigue, anxiety
  • Offer a lifestyle able to prevent chronic degenerative disease (cancer, stroke, autoimmune disease..), reduce aging, give more energy, improve the quality of the life
  • Learn how set up and manage their own lifestyle (through education, cooking classes, and physical activity)

Healtheatarian program is an excellent way to cure any conditions that are related to stress, weight management; digestion; unexplained body pain or discomfort; poor sleep; bad habits; low energy and fatigue.

The program is goal-driven whereby the guest together with the wellness consultant define specific health objectives they’d like to achieve as a result of taking up the program.

 Health Tests

The Diagnostics is the most crucial part of Ti Sana’s signature lifestyle management program Healtheratarian. It is offered in order to customize the program, verify its efficacy and measure final results.

The level of accuracy can be compared with traditional “gold standard” invasive methods used in hospital laboratories.

The Healtheatarian journey at Ti Sana starts with key non-invasive health tests called Integrated Diagnosis: BIA, TOMEEX, PPG Stress Flow (all registered by the Ministry of Health of Italy). The test results show a full and complete picture of the guest’s current state of health, including any issues or conditions.

The BIA (Bioelectric Impedance Analyzer) is a device able to measure the body composition, nutritional status and if a person is in a good state of health or not. It uses two different frequencies to measure the intra- and extracellular environment and evaluates over 50 different health-related parameters.

The TOMEEX (Electrolytic Extracellular Tomography) is a device which assesses how different parts of the body react to various stress factors in order to identify any inflammatory conditions, assess the psychological and emotional status of the person, how chronic stress levels are and the body’s own capacity to neutralize the acids.

The PPG Stress Flow (Photoplethismography) is a device which analyses the person’s whole nervous system and is widely used in top medical clinics

The tests clearly show what areas of the guest’s health need special attention in order to resolve the ailment or a disturbance the guest is experiencing.

At the end of the program all the changes are measured by a second round of BIA, TOMEEX and PPG tests. For detox programs longer than 9 days there are also diagnostic tests half way through the stay. In this way we can alter the program slightly if the guest is not on track with the initial goals.


 Nutrition plays key role in the Healtheatarian programme and includes two options: Juicing (4 juices a day and a soup in the evening) and Healtheatarian diet (solid food for breakfast, lunch and dinner, 2 snacks). The specific food plan as well as supplements are recommended following the health tests and in line with the objectives. The food plan can be customized according to calorie intake, and takes into account any allergies, intolerances, specific needs etc.

Our food plans are alkalizing, planned according to the cortisol cycle, low in sodium, rich in minerals, vitamins, fibre and good carbohydrates. The food is mainly vegan with the exception of egg proteins.

The vegan guests can opt out of this protein as well the protein-Magnesium-calcium supplement that we offer to all our guests to protect the lean mass and reduce inflammation.

If the client has high stress levels we start with altering the activity of the nervous (adrenaline) and immune (cortisol) systems with the subsequent loss of the lean mass, increasing fat (especially the visceral one), inflammation, body acidification, fibrosis, intoxication and aging.

When the stress level goes up, the body tries to face this situation of constant alarm producing more of the two hormones: adrenaline and cortisol (the hormones of fight and flight, the hormones of stress). Both are energivore. They look for fast (to be used) energy (sugar and proteins)… not fat. A huge storage of energy is the muscle mass. This storage can be literally consumed by the high stress status, producing as metabolic waste organic acids that, remaining entrapped in the connective tissue, cause intoxication (of the body) – fibrosis – aging.

Simultaneously with time the muscle (anti-inflammatory, burning fat machine, insulin sensitive) start decreasing (more inflammation, less metabolism, more diabetes risk) whereas the cortisol hormone levels start decreasing -> more inflammation, more muscle loss, more visceral fat accumulation, more aging. Chronic stress changes our body composition, our autonomic nerve system-endocrine (hormonal) system balance creating a flatness of the hormonal secretion of cortisol and adrenaline.

With the right quantity and quality of food we can reduce the amount of fat, acidity, toxins, inflammation and the oxidative stress of the body (aging). The food regime is designed to stimulate the right circle of cortisol production (hormone of stress).

We don’t offer fasting as part of Healtheatarian program because the work that the body is doing during the program requires a lot of energy, which during the fast would be taken from the lean mass (and not from the fat).

The juicing program is suggested for people looking to lose weight whose stress levels aren’t very high. It can also be recommended to those with the history of cancer or for people who need are in the wash-out phase, detoxing their body after some serious medical treatments etc.

Healtheatarian menus are cooked to preserve as many nutrients as possible (light temperature, short times, vapor system, dehydration)


After the initial health tests we make a recommendation of colonic irrigation where it’s appropriate – for example, in cases where there is a blockage in the intestine to reduce the local inflammation, or to wash out the colon in order to reduce the level of toxins that migrate from the intestine to the liver. However it’s important to note that colonics is not the cure, but an initial help for the resolution of intestinal problems.

As part of the customized programme, guests receive various Spa treatments which are divided according to the most common goals: Slimming, Energizing and Relaxing.

Overall, all the spa treatments help greatly to achieve overall state of peace and relaxation. Specific Spa treatments also help achieve brighter and softer skin, get rid of toxins and lose weight.

One of the most popular treatments, the Deep Tissue massage, is highly customizable. The Spa menu also includes treatments with the use of Anika products which contain seaweed – a very effective product for expelling toxins.

 Key wellness and medical treatments

Colonics – Angel of water – is an important part of Healtheatarian program. This innovative system allows to deeply cleanse the intestine, expelling all the old toxins and allowing the body to absorb all the nutrients of the food better. It is completely non-invasive and the privacy of the guest is completely respected, since the operator is outside the room, ready to come only in case of necessity.

Regmatex is a non-invasive treatment based on the administration of low frequency and intensity electromagnetic radiation (imperceptible and 100% safe) in order to stimulate the membrane potential action and so the activity of the cells. The goal of Regmatex treatment is to stimulate the body (cells) to work perfectly, physiologically.

A chronic stress-inflammation (hormone and nerve system dysregulation) is able to alter the extracellular environment changing the normal functionality of the cells (cell membranes potential).

If these cells belong to an gland or to the brain or to a joint we could have respectively a less production of hormones, less activity of some part of the brain (hippocampus, hypothalamus..) a not solvable joint pain-inflammation.

Regmatex treatment could be used for the stress reduction (and the related disturbs), to recovery the normal cycle of cortisol, to improve the sleep, to reduce the local pain, to reduce the inflammation, to improve the functionality of specific parts of the body (organs, joints..).

The therapy with Regmatex is suggested especially for those who stay at Ti Sana more than 7 days.

The Regmatex is used to break the chains of a stress related malaise that blocks our attempts to improve our health condition.


With the right type and amount of physical activity it’s possible to regain the lean mass, rebalance the nervous and immune system and tackle stress-related conditions such as low energy, poor quality of the mood, anxiety, gastrointestinal problems etc.

Following the results of initial health tests, guests are recommended certain physical activities depending on the goal. For example, in case of excess fat and fairly low stress levels, we recommend cardio activity (rebounding, treadmill, hiking); where there is lack of muscle and high stress levels we suggest focusing on muscle hypertrophy and stress-relieving activity (stretching, yoga, qi gong, short walks in the nature).

Personal training sessions are also available to help guests learn the routines which they can do back home. For people who suffer from postural issues, we design a physical motor rehabilitation program (integrating yoga, stretching, pilates, specific muscle strengthening exercises).


As part of the Healtheatarian program guests are invited to attend Educational Talks where they can learn about various body components, the stress system (how stress works, how it makes us be unwell, how we can tackle it), and key principles of healthy nutrition and physical activity. Cooking classes are also on program to learn how to prepare food according to the physiological needs.

Healtheatarian program is a rounded, integrated and evidence-based approach to tackling the health issues, a combination of all the elements that together help achieve the main goal.


“Ti Sana Detox Retreat & SPA is proud to be participating in this world’s first certification in the wellness tourism field.

We strongly believe in authorities who supervise and assure safety to travelers who opt for a healthy vacation. This is a first big step towards the real understanding of health and human wellbeing that will open many minds across the world. More people will invest in prevention leading to a healthier and happier world.”   



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