What is WellHotel®?

We want to welcome you to the WellHotel® blog, where you will be able to find news about the certification for wellness program, the participating hospitality providers and trends related to the wellness travel and hospitality industries.

First of all, we want to introduce you to this exciting training and certification for wellness program. WellHotel® is a certification designed to work with hospitality service providers in developing and delivering the best services to their guests traveling for health and wellness purposes.

As ...

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Spa Treatment of the Week: Halotherapy

Imagine stepping into a dark lit room covered wall to wall in salt; a cave like atmosphere that when you take a deep breath a light salty mist enters your nose. As you close your eyes, you immediately feel a sense of relief.

For centuries this treatment coined referred as halotherapy, or salt therapy, has been practiced in Poland and around Eastern Europe as a way to lessen the effects of breathing ailments and relieving skin conditions. Relatively new to the ...

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Healthy Traveling

healthy traveling

Enhancing or maintaining your lifestyle while on the road is becoming easier than ever.

For some time now, many hotel chains have decided to take a part of the $494 billion dollars health and wellness industry (data according to 2014 Global Spa and Wellness Economy Monitor) by adding wellness offerings to their ...

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New Website Launch- WellHotel®



We are very excited to have launched our new website designed with the hospitality industry in mind! You will see a user-friendly layout that almost makes you feel like you are on a wellness vacation.

This is the official website for all WellHotel® certification programs. At WellHotelCertification.com users will be able to find out the benefits this ...

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