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The purpose of WellHotel® Certification is to create standard operating procedures (SOP’s)  for the wellness travel industry that positively affect the guest experience while enhancing the hotel’s employees’ understanding, as well as the property’s service offerings and daily wellness operations.

Our programs provide a framework for good practice, covering the various situations hospitality service providers may face in managing Health & Wellness tourists or guests that may engage in wellness services while traveling.

Although wellness travel – travel to promote health and well-being – is not a new trend, it has become increasingly widespread in the media as travel has become more accessible. With our focus on the expansion of wellness travel, we have identified three types of travelers who would benefit from properties that are able to facilitate their needs – wellness travelers, business travelers and the recuperating patients.

WellHotel® centers on the needs of these travelers and promotes their comfort, safety, diet, well-being, and the environment in order to satisfy all aspects one would look for when traveling for wellness. WellHotel® Certification – and the Certified Wellness Travel Professional (CWTP) — allows your property, employees and supporting services like facilitators, to receive the training and certification in hospitality wellness to ensure they are delivering excellent service and surpassing guest expectations.

Passionate about wellness?

WellHotel® adapts to all types of hospitality properties and event planning professionals including:

  • Full-Service Hotels
  • Limited/Select Service Hotels
  • Resort Hotels
  • Conference/Event Hotels
  • Extended Stay Hotels
  • Bed & Breakfasts

Since WellHotel® responds to the operational structure of a hotel, it can be used by virtually any hotel category, branded or independent property!

We didn’t just stop at hotels

Because of our passion for wellness and providing world-class service, we felt that it was not enough to only certify a property. In response to growing demand, we created the CWTP designation to empower those in the industry who want to deliver wellness and become experts in their field.

We care about the impact to the local economy

As a strategic partner of the Medical Tourism Association (MTA), we have had the opportunity to learn a significant amount about the impact medical tourism and wellness can have in a particular region. Due to this relationship, we have the ability and knowledge to partner with governments, ministers, convention and visitors bureaus, hospitals and much more globally.

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