Puerto Rico Hotels Setting the Standard for Health and Wellness

The hospitality industry is getting a piece of the health and wellness tourism pie as, in some cases, medical travelers need a place to stay following a medical procedure.  Other times, wellness travelers are looking for the best place to go in order to jump-start their healthy lives.

Consequently, the hospitality industry must take the necessary steps to ensure that they are prepared to offer these health and wellness travelers the services that they want and need. The Puerto Rico Medical Tourism Corporation, an arm of the commonwealth’s tourism structure, launched an initiative to certify several hospitals and hotels in Puerto Rico. With this initiative, Puerto Rico will be prepared to market to, and receive incoming health and wellness tourists.

The hotels in Puerto Rico that have achieved WellHotel® Certification have complied with all standards that the Medical Tourism Association® has deemed essential for properly caring for a health and wellness tourist.

“Patients need information when looking into a destination for medical care. Being a certified WellHotel® provides an additional level of security to the patient; it assists them in making an educated decision regarding their healthcare choices and the hotel where they will stay to rest or recover. Patients often look for recommendations from friends, family, and sometimes use social media sites; having well-established hospitality service procedures influences the decision to choose our hotel,” – Mr. Raúl Bustamante, managing director of the Condado Plaza Hilton.