Condado Plaza Hilton, Caribe Hilton and the Condado Lagoon Villas: WellHotel® Certified

Jon with PR certified hotel.

As part of the Puerto Rico Medical Tourism Corporation’s campaign to market the island’s healthcare services to international patients several hotels participated in the WellHotel® certification program offered by the Medical Tourism Association®.

The Condado Plaza Hilton, The Condado Lagoon Villas at Caribe Hilton and the Caribe Hilton San Juan, all certified by WellHotel® are partnered with 11 health organizations, including hospitals, cardio centers and dental offices.

We strongly believe that the WellHotel® certification will positively impact the Condado Plaza Hilton by providing us more visibility to potential new guests that are seeking a place to stay while taking care of their health; they can feel there is a connection between the wellness and healthcare provider and the hotel.

As the first hotel certified, we are expecting that our existing collaborations with local health and wellness providers will strengthen, while we provide them with a service focused on creating the best patient experience.” -Pier Marie Le Compte, Associate Director of Sales, The Condado Plaza- Hilton, Puerto Rico.

Condado PR Caribelagoon