What is WellHotel®?

We want to welcome you to the WellHotel® blog, where you will be able to find news about the certification for wellness program, the participating hospitality providers and trends related to the wellness travel and hospitality industries.

First of all, we want to introduce you to this exciting training and certification for wellness program. WellHotel® is a certification designed to work with hospitality service providers in developing and delivering the best services to their guests traveling for health and wellness purposes.

As a nascent industry, wellness tourism involves hotels that offer wellness programs, along with hotels providing a place for travelers and guests to relax and recover after having received a procedure.

Based on years of experience both in the hospitality and health and wellness industries, we have encouraged providers to develop a relationship with each other, in order to refer travelers to either a hotel or a health and wellness provider, may it be a cosmetic procedure, a weight loss treatment or a wellness retreat out of town.

This trend has been occurring for some time now, but up until now there have been no standards that elevate the quality of the services hospitality providers offer to this growing traveler segment.

WellHotel® has been designed for hotels/resorts/spas in an effort to train them on the specific needs a health and wellness tourist has, as they are very different from those of a traditional tourist. This certification for wellness program will prepare the hotel/resort/spa to provide guests with concierge services that cater to these needs, such as special dietary requirements, empathy with guests with limited mobility, or provide the right atmosphere conducive to rest and relaxation. It ensures that the proper services are in place and are delivered flawlessly.

As part of our commitment to excellence, WellHotel® has been used as a vehicle to boost the tourism industry of Puerto Rico, by certifying a large number of the island’s hotels, with the objective to serve its growing medical tourism sector.

To explore other aspects and benefits of this certification for wellness , click here or send an email to info@WellHotelCertification.com .

Healthiest regards!

The WellHotel® Team