Spa Treatment of the Week: Halotherapy

Imagine stepping into a dark lit room covered wall to wall in salt; a cave like atmosphere that when you take a deep breath a light salty mist enters your nose. As you close your eyes, you immediately feel a sense of relief.

For centuries this treatment coined referred as halotherapy, or salt therapy, has been practiced in Poland and around Eastern Europe as a way to lessen the effects of breathing ailments and relieving skin conditions. Relatively new to the U.S., these salt rooms are popping up all over the place to treat adults and children suffering from conditions such as asthma, allergies, chronic stress, ear infections, sore throats, acne, eczema and many other conditions.

Halotherapy was first reported in 1843 when it was discovered that salt-miners rarely presented respiratory problems. The difference with the practice now is that in addition to a salt filled room, a dry mist of salt particles are blown around by a halogenerator. Once inhaled, the healing properties of the salt are set into action. Some are able to notice a difference after just one session, but recurring sessions are recommended to get the full effects.

Healing Properties of Salt:

  • Anti-inflammatory effects and reducing swelling that makes it easier and less painful to breath
  • When inhaled, salt destroys bacteria in the mucosal lining of the respiratory tract
  • Salt ions produce a negative electrical charge that improves mood, reduces stress and fights fatigue.

With central air-conditioning, heat, air-borne chemicals and winds blowing plenty of positive ions into the air, the air is lacking in negative ions. Salt crystals naturally produce these negative ions found in the healing properties of salt.

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