New Website Launch- WellHotel®



We are very excited to have launched our new website designed with the hospitality industry in mind! You will see a user-friendly layout that almost makes you feel like you are on a wellness vacation.

This is the official website for all WellHotel® certification programs. At users will be able to find out the benefits this program brings to hospitality professionals, hotels, resorts, spas or even a government entity to boost its local health and tourism economies.

The rapid growth of the program and inquiries from industry members about WellHotel® prompted us to create a new website developed to offer more resources, provides more details about our hospitality programs and information about the health and wellness industry.

The goal of this website is that we want hospitality and tourism professionals to get to know the program better, and offer a one stop shop for all information/inquiries about how to reach the certification that will set your property apart from its competition in health and wellness services. Users can request a wellness speaker for an event, find out the latest industry news and have the chance to be featured in or contribute to one of the weekly blog posts.

We would love to hear and get your feedback about our new website, the health and wellness industry, or your experiences in this exciting niche. Please feel free to share your thoughts and opinions with [email protected] .

Healthiest regards!